Seals & O-Rings

  • O-Rings & O-Ring Kits

    O-Rings & O-Ring Kits

    High performance compound rubber O-Rings, X-Rings, D-Ring, H-Ring & Backup rings. Metric & Inch O-Rings / O-ring kits available.

  • Nilos Rings

    Nilos Rings

    All metal rings help to keep dirt, dust & debris out of the bearings. Range includes Seals for Ball & Taper bearings, STO steel disc seals, & LSTL rings.

  • Wear Pro Sleeves

    Wear Pro Sleeves

    Easy way to protect worn shafts. Wear –PRO shaft repair sleeves are made of high quality stainless steel with precise hardness and finish.

  • Bonded Seals

    Bonded Seals

    A combination of rubber and steel these Bonded seals are used as a static seal fitted under the bolt head and nut.

  • Axial Face Seals

    Axial Face Seals

    Metal case added on a rubber V-Ring these axial face seals are rigid and give protection against dust.

  • V-Rings


    Complete range for differing shaft dimensions. Protecting against perpendicular counter surface, dirt, dust & debris in demanding industries

  • Power Tool Seals

    Power Tool Seals

  • Motor Seals

    Motor Seals

    Type C =standard rubber covered OD for sealing capability. Type G =special design corrugated OD, used when housing materials expand.

  • Gear Reducer & Gearbox Seals

    Gear Reducer & Gearbox Seals

    Type C gearbox & Reducer seals, rubber covered OD to increase sealing capacity, dust lips to protect from external contamination.

  • Pump Seals

    Pump Seals

    Type N Industrial Pump seals with shorter flex section to provide better pressure resistance. Special materials & designs are available for differing levels of high pressure applications.