Automotive Bearings

  • Bearings for 2-Wheelers & ATVs

    Bearings for 2-Wheelers & ATVs

    Deep groove ball bearings for Wheels and Crankshaft, Needle Roller bearings for Balance Shaft, Bearings for Transmission and Steering, Needle roller Bearings for Swing Arm and Wheel Hub bearings for ATVs

  • Bearings for Differential Gear & Prop Shaft

    Bearings for Differential Gear & Prop Shaft

    Taper Roller Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Needle Roller bearings for Universal Joints, Centre Support Bearings and Coupling Support Bearings.

  • Bearings for Manual Transmission

    Bearings for Manual Transmission

    Sealed Ball Bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Taper Roller bearings, Linear Ball bearings, Needle Roller Assemblies and Clutch Release Bearings.

  • Bearings for Automatic Transmission

    Bearings for Automatic Transmission

    One Way Clutches, Needle Roller Bearings for – Drive Train, Torque Converters, Power Train, and Shift Linkage, Double Row Angular Contact Ball bearings and Double Row Taper Roller bearings, and Cylindrical Roller bearings.

  • Bearings for Motors

    Bearings for Motors

    Needle Roller Bearings for ABS motors, Bearings for Cooling Fan Motors, Electric Power Steering Motors and Throttle and EGR motors.

  • Bearings for Compressors

    Bearings for Compressors

    Our range includes Bearings for Magnetic Clutch and Needle Roller bearings for Compressors

  • Bearings for Alternators

    Bearings for Alternators

    Clutch Pulley unit and Bearings for Alternators

  • Engine Parts

    Engine Parts

    Engine bearings, Roller Followers for Engine Tappets, Water Pump Bearings, Bearings for Tensioners & Idlers, and Needle Roller Bearings for Camshaft Journals