Plain Bearings

  • Link Ball

    Link Ball

    Link ball is a spherical slide bearing with a ball stud to provide smooth operation with minimal clearance. Giving excellent abrasion resistance and offering a large oscillating angle it is suitable for many automated machines.

  • Spherical Bushings

    Spherical Bushings

    Spherical bushings also known as plain bearings are heavy duty slide bearings. Highly resistant to impact loads they are excellent under slow, heavy load applications.

    Available in: steel on steel and maintenance free spherical bushing types.

  • Rod Ends

    Rod Ends

    Rod ends / Pilloballs are compact & light weight spherical slide bearings

    Classified as alternatives to mounted units.

    Available with left or right (M/F) threads, Spherical bushing insert types, lubrication type & maintenance-free types.