Conveyor chain

  • Tough Roller

    Tough Roller

    Used for heavy-duty, moderate speed applications. Typical Applications that will benefit from these durable bearings is Agriculture, Construction and Mining equipment, Various Axle systems, Conveyance vehicles, Gear Box, Engine Motors, Reducers and more.

  • Special Conveyor Chain

    Special Conveyor Chain

    conveyor chain that improves roller allowable load and wear resistance, and its special surface hardening that increases wear resistance.

  • Water Treatment Conveyor Chain

    Water Treatment Conveyor Chain

    Conveyor chains for water treatment equipment. Users can select the ideal material (stainless steel or engineering plastic) for their collectors, scum skimmers, water screens, and drive chains for these equipment.

  • Bucket Elevator Chain

    Bucket Elevator Chain

    Conveyor chain for bucket elevators. This speciality chain focuses on wear resistance, high load and fatigue strength, ideal for working environments with corrosive dust such as cement and coal industries. Including GA4 attachments.

    Pitch ranging from 150mm up to 400mm

  • Flow Conveyor Chain

    Flow Conveyor Chain

    conveys powders in a sealed case. Tsubaki Flow Chains are found in a wide range of industries and praised for their high technology.

  • Deep Link Conveyor Chain

    Deep Link Conveyor Chain

    Perfect for positioning and tact conveyance.

  • Bearing Bush Conveyor Chain

    Bearing Bush Conveyor Chain

    Needle bearings between pins and bushes minimize wear elongation as much as possible.

  • Indexing Conveyor Chain

    Indexing Conveyor Chain

    Needle bearings are used to maximise chain pitch elongation between pins & bushes. Small size conveyor chain available.

  • Free Flow Chain

    Free Flow Chain

    For small and large sized conveyor chain

  • Large Size Conveyor Chain for Heavy Loads

    Large Size Conveyor Chain for Heavy Loads

    Large size conveyor chain that can convey products of any shape. Features include: the range of lengths, the direction of transport, and the variety of environments in which it can function. It is highly durable and maintains highly efficient and accurate operation without slipping.