Mounting & Dismounting Tools

  • Lifting Tools

    Lifting Tools

    Spreading & lifting tools

  • Bearing Pullers – Hydraulic

    Bearing Pullers – Hydraulic

    Hydraulic bearing pullers with a capacity from 4 to 150 tons, the hydraulic puller allows safe dismounting of bearings, pulleys, couplings and gears. The range includes mobile hydraulic pullers for easy on-site dismounting, from 25 – 150 tons.

  • Bearing Pullers – Mechanical

    Bearing Pullers – Mechanical

    Mechanical bearing pullers from 46 – 56cm, ranging from 2-3 arm pullers for external parts gripping, and including self-centering pullers.

  • Hydraulic Nuts

    Hydraulic Nuts

    The convenient way to install a heavy bearing effectively and efficiently

  • Impact Kits

    Impact Kits

    Impact kits help maintenance engineers mount a bearing on a shaft or into a housing the correct way, without causing damage.

  • Cone Heaters

    Cone Heaters

    Specifically for small workshops, cone heaters are light weight heaters for bearings and other drive components, covering a range of sizes in one convenient solution.

  • Induction Heaters Cable Heaters

    Induction Heaters Cable Heaters

    Portable Mid Frequency heaters forbearings up to 3500kg, and with power output from 3.6 KvA to 100KvA.