Automatic Lubricators

  • Automatic Lubricators

    Automatic Lubricators

    Simalube automatic lubrication systems/units delivering easy installation & predictable maintenance intervals for plant engineers. Sealed units ensure dust free and waterproof.

  • Single Point Automatic Lubricators

    Single Point Automatic Lubricators

    Full range of simalube lubricator units, containing 15ml up to 250ml grease. 1-12 months stepless adjustment system, and operating temperature of -20 to 55°C. Selection of greases are available.

  • Multi Point Automatic Lubricators

    Multi Point Automatic Lubricators

    Simalube multi point units reliably supplies 5 lubrication points with 8 ml of lube for up to 12 months.



    When high pressure is required IMPULSE helps overcome counterpressures of up to 10 bar. LED display shows condition & functionality information

  • Linear Brush Lubricator

    Linear Brush Lubricator

    Simalube brushes lubricate chains in precise and perfectly measured doses