• Elastic jaw and Pin & Bush Couplings

    Elastic jaw and Pin & Bush Couplings

    Complete range: inc. ROTEX, Polyeurathane Spiders, Poly-Norm, REVOLVEX.

  • Gear Couplings

    Gear Couplings

    Extensive range of BOWEX series Gear couplings (combining nylon and steel) & GEAREX all-steel couplings

  • Backlash-Free Servo Couplings

    Backlash-Free Servo Couplings

    ROTEX GS backlash free servo couplings, TOOLFLEX metal Bellow-Type, RADEX NC Servo Lamina, COUNTEX Shaft-Encoder couplings.

  • Steel Lamina Couplings

    Steel Lamina Couplings

    RADEX-N Steel Lamina and RIGIFLEX high performance steel Lamina couplings.

  • Flange Couplings

    Flange Couplings

    BOWEX FLE-PA (Torsionally rigid). BOWEX ELASTIC. MONOPLASTIC. Pump Mounting Flanges.

  • Magnetic Couplings

    Magnetic Couplings

    MINEX-S Magnetic coupling

  • Fluid Couplings

    Fluid Couplings

    Inner and Outer Wheel drive for smoother start-up of machines.