Oil Seals & Gaskets

  • Gaskets


    Full range of valve cover gaskets for A, V4, V6, V8 and V12 engines

  • Shaft Seals

    Shaft Seals

    Used between rotating and stationary machine components or between two components in relative motion and consist of two main parts:
    A cylindrical outer covering of sheet steel (case) or an elastomer that has the requisite interference fit to seal statically against the housing bore.
    A sealing lip made of an elastomeric or thermoplastic material that seals dynamically and statically against the shaft.

  • Valve Stem Seals

    Valve Stem Seals

    Provide a defined metering rate of oil to the valve stem interface of internal combustion engines to lubricate the valve guide and minimize engine missions.

  • Seals for Axles

    Seals for Axles

    Full range of Oils Seals for Wheel Axle applications in passenger car, commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks. Seals produced in NBR or HNBR material for better heat and friction resistance.

  • Seals for Engines

    Seals for Engines

    Oil Seals for Engines – Crankshaft & Camshaft seals. Materials include ACM, Silicone, FKM and PTFE.

  • Seals for Transmissions

    Seals for Transmissions

    Seals for Manual 9input/output seals) and Automatic Transmission models (AT, CVT or DCT) and bonded piston seals.

  • Seals for Motors

    Seals for Motors

    Oil seals for Motors – motor seals for rotary parts in vehicles prevent dust in electronic devices. Motor seals produced in FKM, NBR and HNBR materials.

  • Seals for Power Steering

    Seals for Power Steering

    Oils seals for Power Steering – Rack & Pinion seals for Hydraulic power steering seals, and Steering Gear seals for EPS – Electric Power Steering systems.