Hydraulic Tools

  • Spreading & Lifting Tools

    Spreading & Lifting Tools

    Portable, slim wedge kits for spreading and lifting heavy loads in confined spaces.

  • Nut Splitters

    Nut Splitters

    Compact design steel cutter for splitting rusty nuts

  • Pump Sets

    Pump Sets

    Hand / foot pump, complete with hose, pressure gauge, coupling and storage case.

  • Hydraulic Press

    Hydraulic Press

    Electrical, or air hydraulic workshop presses with hand or foot operation, and an operating capacity of 10-300 tons.

  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic Cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinders& jacks can aid with holding, spreading,lifting pressing, pulling or bending. Range includes single acting, spring return, compact, hollow, load return, and double acting.