Bearing Units

  • Pillow Blocks

    Pillow Blocks

    Pillow Blocks / Plummer Blocks most commonly used type of mounted units. Ready to fit housings with pre-assembled bearings included. Designed to support a shaft, Pillow Blocks are supplied in Metric and Inch, are available in a variety of configurations – the most common type with two bolt holes.

  • Four Bolt Flange

    Four Bolt Flange

    Pillow block with four bolt hole configuration – UCF, NANF, NCF, NCFS, UCSF, UCVF

  • Two & Three Bolt Flange

    Two & Three Bolt Flange

    Complete range of  pillow blocks w. 2/3 bolt holes: UCFL, NANFL, NCFL, BLF, UFL, UCSFL, SBPFL, UCVFL, UCFA, UCFB(U). Available in Pressed steel, Zinc, Thermoplastic, Cast iron, and with Locking or Eccentric collars and adjustable bolt holes.

  • Four Bolt Cartridge

    Four Bolt Cartridge

    Available range of UCFC & NCFC 4 bolt cartridge Pillow Block units.

  • Take up Unit

    Take up Unit

    Take up units – UCT, NAT, UCST

  • Hanger Unit

    Hanger Unit

    Hanger bearings – UCHA

  • Cartridge Unit

    Cartridge Unit

    Cartridge Unit – UCC

  • Take Up Unit with Steel Mounting Plate

    Take Up Unit with Steel Mounting Plate

    Take up Unit with sectioned or channeled steel plates – UCTH or UCTL.

  • Pillow Blocks for Special Applications

    Pillow Blocks for Special Applications

    Stainless steel mounted units for wash downs. Rust proof & packed with Food grade grease.

  • Plummer Blocks – SNT Type

    Plummer Blocks – SNT Type

    Available in housing series 200, 300, 500, 600 & 3000 + larger size 6000 series. Cast iron assembly with bearing insert.

    Inserts are generally spherical roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearings. Plummer blocks come with sealing options to help keep contaminants, like dust and water, out and grease in.