Roller chain

  • Chain for Special Applications

    Chain for Special Applications

    Roller chain with surface treatments,  Titanium, Cold resistant and Curved Roller chain.

  • Low Noise Drive Chain

    Low Noise Drive Chain

    These chain rollers deform & absorb the noise of the impact between the roller & the sprocket, more worker-friendly environment and less need for sound proofing.

  • Leaf Chain

    Leaf Chain

    A simple chain that works in hanging, balancing & motion transmitting applications. Consists of hardened tensile steel link plates & pins.

  • Heavy Duty Drive Chain

    Heavy Duty Drive Chain

    For heavy impact, higher transmission power, & lower elastic elongation exceeding ANSI / BS standard drive chain capabilities.

  • Anti Corrosion Chain

    Anti Corrosion Chain

    Nickel plated, surface treated carbon steel, or tempered & hardened stainless steel. Work in chemicals, extreme temperatures, & moisture.

  • Lube Free

    Lube Free

    Reduces maintenance time & cost, lube free, chain contains a small oil –impregnated brush. Ideal in Healthcare & pharmaceutical industries

  • Plastic Chain

    Plastic Chain

    Lightweight & low maintenance, engineered plastic chain improves life wear in harsh chemical, moisture & temp environments. Connected with either a plastic or stainless steel pin.

  • Standard Drive Chain

    Standard Drive Chain

    Economical way to transport high loads at low speeds. Interchangeable. Conform to BS, ANSI, JIS standards.