Suspension & Steering Parts

  • Tie Rod Ends

    Tie Rod Ends

    Inner and outer tie rod ends for Pinion and Rack systems.

  • Tie Rod Assemblies

    Tie Rod Assemblies

    Outer tie rod and axial rod replacement parts essential for steering systems.

  • Steering Racks & Pumps

    Steering Racks & Pumps

    Steering Rack (gaiter or bellow kits) protecting rubber chassis parts against water, dust, sand and stones. We also supply a wide range of Power Steering Pumps for Rack and Pinion steering systems.

  • Drag Links & Centre Arms

    Drag Links & Centre Arms

    Drag Links (Centre rod) and Centre arms – sealed ends ensures protection from the environment and road dirt

  • Axial Rods

    Axial Rods

    Axial rods (Axial joints) connect between the steering rack and toe rod end, made in steel and complete with nuts, washers and split pins for easy assembly.

  • V-Torque Rods

    V-Torque Rods

    Provide a smoother ride with enhanced vibration control over and above conventional torque rods.

  • Strut Mounts

    Strut Mounts

    Front strut mounts (with and without bearing) for suspension units – isolates the tyre noise and vibration from the vehicle.

  • Silent Blocs

    Silent Blocs

    Bushings provides vibration absorption and withstand extreme conditions and loads

  • Ball Joints

    Ball Joints

    Complete range of ball joints for all vehicles

  • Track Control Arms

    Track Control Arms

    Hinged suspension link that connects the chassis and the suspension that carries the wheel. Attached with a single pivot, normally a rubber bushing, the control arm can adjust the position of the outboard end while sustaining the radial distance from the inboard mount.