simalube helps reduce machine downtime on mobile stockpile conveyor

Date Posted on: November 27, 2019
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For a mining company, the answer to their lubrication issues on a mobile stockpile conveyor was clear – simalube automatic lubricators!

simalube lubricators allow the free running of all conveyor components regardless of operating environment, location, or operating times. The automatic lubricators were fitted in various positions on the mobile conveyor, reducing malfunctions and giving longer machine running times.

simalube delivers constant lubrication when and where it’s needed. Even the smallest 15ml lubricator can keep an electric motor bearing running for a year without the need for maintenance.

simalube is ideal for difficult to reach positions on machinery and equipment and can even be installed underwater. The lubricators can be used on any number of applications that use bearings, chains, guides, gears and other mechanical parts. As the automatic lubricators can be fitted at any angle and still consistently lubricate the components.

simatec automatic lubricators deliver reduced downtime and maintenance, minimise lubrication consumption, reduce operation failures, all helping to  ensure plants keep running.

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