Corporate Responsibility

    Expo 2020  “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

    This year Dubai is hosting Expo 2020 under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, with consideration to Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity.  In today’s highly interconnected world, a renewed vision of progress and development based on shared purpose and commitment is key.

    We strive to deliver solutions that improve business whilst preserving the planet.

    We are committed to the growth and prosperity of the region and as such our social commitment and our effort to minimize the effect of our environmental impact is at the heart of the business. Rolman World has, for over 4 decades, been regularly involved in projects for charity and schools for the disadvantaged.  We will continue to contribute and commit to build a better society.

    At our head office facilities in Jebel Ali, Dubai, we have installed a high tech system for water conservation / recycling with an onsite water treatment plant, helping reduce our water consumption by 2/3rds.

    We also rigorously recycle packaging and logistics materials in order to reduce waste. Looking forwards, to ensure we can continuously contribute to reduce our footprint, we are investigating options to install solar panels at our facilities to help reduce our energy consumption.