BEGA SMART heaters delivering safe bearing assembly

Date Posted on: April 15, 2019
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BEGA heaters, a new series of high efficiency, low frequency induction heaters to meet industries demand for greater control over the heating and assembly process. Capable of heating bearings, gears and components ranging from 20 – 200Kg, up to 240ºC.

The correct installation and assembly of a bearing is one of the most crucial processes that affects the bearing’s lifespan. This is especially true when dealing with very expensive, critical bearings or for bearings in hard-to-reach locations. BEGA heaters deliver safe and accurate mounting in any industrial facility.

The BASIC series (BLF)
This series replace part of the current BETEX range. These heaters work with a simple keyboard and have a single temperature sensor. Heating can be done in time or temperature mode. Smart electronics ensure optimal heating and efficient use of power.

The SMART Series (SLF)
The new SMART series BEGA heaters deliver a number of operator benefits due to greater control over the heating process. With a modern, easy-to-use touchscreen the heating process is visualised in the form of a clear graph. 2 temperature probes for dual temperature sensing (ΔT) and measurement provides full control over the temperature progress. The operator can now exactly determine the rate at which a bearing is heated. The decisive factor here is not so much the speed at which the bearing reaches its target temperature as the prevention of stress that can result from rapid heating and can damage the bearing.

At Rolman World our Engineers are trained to install and assemble bearings across many applications. We can support your maintenance teams in these critical operations at your facility or plant.
With our state-of-the-art workshop and training facilities, in Dubai, we can train your maintenance teams and operators. Ensuring they get hands on experience in mounting best practice and have the most up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the importance of installation tools and processes.

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