Tsubaki Traypacker for the Food & Beverage industry

Date Posted on: November 4, 2018
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Tsubaki specialist chains developed for the food and beverage sector

Traypacker chain uses oil-impregnated sintered bushes for life-long lubrication. This not only reduces maintenance requirements, but also ensures the clean and hygienic standards required for tray packing machinery used in the food and beverage industry.

Based on Tsubaki’s Lambda lube-free chain, Traypacker also uses NSF-H1 food grade lubricant in its sintered bushes. This allows for the chain to be used without any additional lubrication ensuring a clean work environment.

Like most of Tsubaki’s chains Traypacker is supplied with the company’s Match & Tag Service. This guarantees a maximum total chain length difference of 0.50 mm between paired chain strands so that when they are run in parallel, as is universal on tray packing machines, they remain perfectly synchronised and keep the trays oriented in-line.

Neptune Tsubaki’s chain for harsh application environments is also recommended for the Food & Beverage sector. This features high corrosion and chemical resistance making it suitable for washdowns with water and alkaline cleaning agents. Neptune is made with a multi-layer surface treatment that combines protection against corrosive environments with maximised chain strength.

About Tsubaki

Established in 1917, Tsubakimoto Chain Company is the world’s premier manufacturer of power transmission products with strong market positions in premium quality industrial drive & conveyor chains and associated power transmission components such as cam clutches, reducers & linear actuators. With a turnover exceeding $1,5 Billion US Dollars & 6,500 employees, the Tsubaki group includes 40 manufacturing locations and 75 group companies worldwide.

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