Rolman World helping Tsubaki deliver power and performance for the Paper Industry

Date Posted on: September 3, 2015
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Rolman World is Authorised Distributor for Tsubaki chain in the Middle East & Africa region.

As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of power transmission products, Tsubakimoto has developed a wide range of reliable products, specifically designed to meet the tough working environment of the paper and pulp industry. From beginning to end, the paper manufacturing process involves the continuous movement of materials from the original woodchip to the finished paper roll and each process can benefit from the expertise of Tsubaki design engineers. From drive chain and sprockets to couplings and reduction gearboxes, Tsubaki can deliver a wide range of products that will reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve productivity and profitability.

The operating environment within a typical paper manufacturing facility is often laden with dust that can stick to drive chains and block the conventional lubrication path. This can cause increased levels of wear in the drive chains, which will need more frequent maintenance, increasing costs and possibly reducing productivity and efficiency.

Tsubaki has developed a range of products, such as Lambda chain, which is a lube-free chain with oil impregnated sintered bushes that retain lubricant, thereby negating the need for external lubrication and extends the wear-life of chain dramatically. This can be matched with a drive chain sprocket that has a deep hardened layer over the entire component that provides excellent wear resistance for a long service life.

To help those involved in operating and maintaining the many processes of paper manufacture achieve their performance and efficiency goals, Tsubaki has released a comprehensive product brochure, available from Rolman World.

Contact Rolman World for more information about Tsubaki’s product range and how we can help you perform better with Tsubaki –

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