TRW shock absorbers – the safety you deserve

Date Posted on: January 21, 2016
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Rolman World – leading Authorised Distributor for automotive and industrial bearings, power transmission and spare parts across the MEA region – brings you TRW shock absorbers.

TRW is the world’s leading automotive safety solution provider – developing key industry changing technology and systems to ensure drivers, their passengers and their vehicles stay safe on today’s busy roads.

Faulty or worn shock absorbers pose a real danger to your cars drivability – affecting the cars performance, handling, braking and road contact.

By replacing your shocks with TRW not only do you prevent premature wear of other vehicle components, you get the reassurance of TRW quality – engineered in France – and the experience and technology derived from one of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers.

For more information on our range of TRW shocks visit our TRW webpage – OR – contact us at:

TRW – The safety everyone deserves.

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