Replace an old simalube IMPULSE

Date Posted on: August 13, 2019
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The ideal solution for installations with long lubrication lines or high back pressure.

With the automatic simalube lubricators, this pressure booster pumps greases and oils at up to 10 bar and 0.5 ml per impulse to the targeted lubrication point. Remote installations, mounted outside hazardous or high temperature areas and fed via long lubrication lines are also possible thanks to the pressure generated by the simalube IMPULSE. The LED display of the intelligent pressure booster provides information continuously about the current operating condition, and flashes green when the device is functioning correctly.

IMPORTANT: When do we recommend replacing the simalube IMPULSE? After three years operation or 10 x 125 ml emptying cycles.

Your benefit through automatic lubrication with simalube IMPULSE:

  • Greater work safety
  • Permanent supply to hard to reach lubrication points
  • Less machine downtime
  • Longer machine lifetimes
  • Increased machine performance
  • Saves time


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