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Date Posted on: April 3, 2016
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Rolman World supplies power to the people via DENYO Generators.

Denyo is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of engine driven generators, welders and air compressors, and has been powering industry since 1948.

Denyo Prime Power and Standby Industrial Diesel Generators

Rolman World stocks DA series, DCA series and TLG series generators for various applications including standby units to prime applications both mobile and fixed, providing reliable power solutions for industry. Fixed will rarely be moved over the life of the generator whereas mobile will be moved frequently, often used for construction sites or rental applications.

Diesel generators ranging from 1.3kVA to 1100kVA

Synchronous brushless alternators

Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR) to maintain output stability

Large capacities via multiple generator synchronisation

High performance

Excellent fuel economy

Silent generators sound attenuated enclosures

Powered by Fuel Efficient Japanese Engine

Denyo generators are powered by the best in class, durable, reliable, efficient engines:


Denyo generators make maintenance simpler, as designs enable maintenance to be performed from one side of the machine, and large doors give full access to the engine. External drain plugs for oil, fuel and water are fitted as standard for performing routine maintenance, and a large fuel gauge makes for simple viewing. For major engine overhauls, the bonnet / sound proof cover can be easily unbolted, allowing full access to the engine.

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