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Date Posted on: December 8, 2019
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A normal day out in the field for our MRO team, offering on-site support and helping customers solve production issues and reduce downtime. At a mining company in the UAE our engineers helped a customer reduce its downtime on one of its crushers, by mounting large size NSK bearings with the help of BEGA BETEX induction heaters.

In any mine, it is vital that the equipment is kept in optimal working order. Machinery needs to work properly for production efficiency and worker safety.  Due to the general location of mines and size of the machinery, maintenance can be time consuming and costly, therefore keeping equipment running smoothly is a crucial part of the business.

As the bearings become larger in size, mechanical fitting methods become difficult and can cause more damage to the bearing, before it has even started operating. Installing bearings using induction heaters gives the engineer more control, reduces the stress on the bearings and makes the job of installing easier for the maintenance team. Freeing up their time to get on and do other jobs without excessive loss in productivity – saving the company time and money. In this instance the bearing was heated up to approximately 130°C, in a matter of minutes, in order to expand the bearing inner ring. This ensures an easy fit onto the shaft, without damaging the bearing, rings, or balls / rollers. As the heated bearing cools down on the shaft, it gives a better overall interference fit.

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Oil baths and mechanical methods are still used but can damage the bearings, are slow and create handling safety issues. Direct flames are not recommended, as they can seriously damage the bearing. Using an induction heater is effective, quick and controlled. Making the whole process more efficient.

Our MRO engineers are happy to offer on-site support, to train maintenance staff on how to use the BEGA heaters, or be on hand to help mount the bearing themselves. Rolman World provides solutions and support, to help our customers keep their WORLD IN MOTION.


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