NSK – how to replace a hub bearing

Date Posted on: November 26, 2018
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NSK Automotive Aftermarket – video tutorials for mechanics

With over 100 years manufacturing experience and used around the world by OE car manufacturers, NSK is THE quality Automotive bearing manufacturer. NSK’s unparalled experience and knowledge is now available to support its customers and endusers.

Hub bearings are not the simplest of repairs, and can in fact present a challenge to numerous repair shops when the correct techniques and tools are not used. Mistakes by garage technicians can end up proving expensive.

NSK has released a comprehensive video set out to rectify this issuehow to replace and fit a hub bearing. The video looks to help garages improve their skills when replacing a first generation hub bearing. Presenting a clear, step-by-step approach to hub bearing replacement procedures, the video also offers handy and informative tips to ensure this type of repair is faster, safer and more reliable for customers.

The video is a vital training guide highlighting all the key points, need to know tips from the worlds leading OE bearing manufacturer, and is an efficient way to upskill mechanics and make them more confident.

For more information on NSKs automotive aftermarket range contact us at sales@rolman.com

Rolman World has been working with NSK since the 1970’s and is their Master Distributor across the MEA region.



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