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Date Posted on: October 13, 2019
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As a leading manufacturer for bearings NSK is always developing new tools to support its customers. 

In just a few short years, the internet of things (IoT), smart factories, and Industry 4.0 related initiatives have accelerated the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. As machines are further integrated with computer systems and equipped with wireless capabilities, easy, instant access to digital information is becoming an essential part of efficient operations.

In light of these developments in the manufacturing and machine tools industries, NSK has introduced a number of NSK bearing apps, targeted to help customers access detailed products searches, check specifications, find local distributors, identify potential bearing problems, and verify bearing authenticity in a few clicks. 

The apps provide easy access to a host of NSK web services, and help protect customers from fakes by enabling the authenticity of products to be investigated in real time.

Current Apps available:

 – Online Catalogue App

 – Troubleshooting App – Bearing Doctor

 – Verify App – bearing verification  (currently only for super precision bearings)

 – Navi Focus – bearing calculations

 – Direct +  (only for customers and distributors)

User friendly and with easy navigation, these Apps are a good solution when you are on the move or out in the field. 

To download go to NSK bearing Apps

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