Nisshinbo OEM quality for the Aftermarket

Date Posted on: March 15, 2020
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Nisshinbo have been creating world class friction materials for over 135 years, supplying all the leading Asian car producers. When you buy an Asian branded car, it’s probably got Nisshinbo brake pads inside.

Ultimately, all brake pads wear and eventually need to be replaced. When replacing the pads, customers want the same performance, feel and pad life — and no surprises! Not all aftermarket brake suppliers put their linings through rigorous testing. Some do only superficial testing to make sure their pads look and fit like the OEM pads (same dimensions, chamfers, slots and shims). Nisshinbo pads are different, their aftermarket pads deliver the same NVH (noise, vibration, harshness levels), pedal feel and pad life that customers expect of the OEM pads.  They are as rigorously tested to ensure they provide exactly the same qualities as the OEM pads.

When replacing worn brake pads, look for Nisshinbo pads. This will help customers ensure they are replacing like-for-like when dealing with aftermarket parts. Nisshinbo assures you for quality performance and safety.

Nisshinbo have also upgraded their packaging, which now highlights the ceramic icon on every box. Nisshinbo friction material is a NAO ceramic composition which delivers less dust and noise compared to other friction material and competitors’ brake pads. Keeping the braking experience clean and safe, whilst providing improved stopping distance and NVH performances.

We have a ready stock of Nisshinbo pads for most Asian cars. Contact your local Rolman World branch or our central sales team on

Remember your safety is paramount – for genuine Nisshinbo pads always buy from an Authorised Distributor – ROLMAN WORLD.

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