Nisshinbo flexscreen at Rolman World headquarters

Date Posted on: February 26, 2020
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Our latest flex screen design, shown at our headquarters in Jebel Ali, Dubai, highlighting our automotive braking partner Nisshinbo.

Nisshinbo is Asia’s leading OE manufacturer for braking solutions, supplying the major Asian car producers with OE brake pads and discs. Manufacturing brake pads for over 135 years, Nisshinbo are constantly researching and developing materials and designs, to ensure cars deliver a safe, quick, and smooth stop for drivers. The NAO material used for their brake pads is a Non-Asbestos Organic ceramic composition, offering quieter operation – less Noise, Vibration, Harshness (such as judder, squeal or groan when the brakes are applied). Plus, lower dust and a longer service life compared to major competitors’ products, whose metallic or organic pads need changing more often due to high wear. They are also more environmentally friendly as NAO material has zero copper content. 

We understand that safety is the number one consideration for drivers and the automotive industry. This is no different for replacement parts. Drivers want to feel safe in their car, whilst maintaining its performance levels. Over time, braking components will wear, ultimately compromising your car’s braking performance. To maintain the quality and performance of your braking system, use Aftermarket replacement parts from OE suppliers, like Nisshinbo, who deliver aftermarket replacement parts at the same quality as their OE products. 

We carry a wide range of Nisshinbo brake pads in stock, covering 90% of Asian cars. Contact your local branch, or our central sales team in Dubai (, and discover the next level in braking experience with Nisshinbo.

Nisshinbo brakes with ceramic icon


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