IKO Miniature Linear Bearings Offer Maximum Performance

Date Posted on: April 14, 2019
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In certain industries, components and machinery must be sized to the smallest dimensions possible to meet extremely demanding performance criteria. Many of these applications involving space constraints and limited movement. With bearing sizes ranging from 1 to 25 mm, load capacity and maintenance issues are often more pronounced than in larger units. IKO addresses these challenges with an integrated lubrication system and the use of specialized materials that promote corrosion resistance in its miniature linear guides.

Here are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when specifying miniature bearings:

  • Zero Maintenance Lubrication. In any moving system—especially those involving bearings—proper lubrication is a key concern. With smaller components and machinery, this is even more important due to the difficulty of relubricating areas that are hard to reach. IKO solves this problem in its line of miniature linear guides by using a built-in lubricating element called C-Lube to provide long lasting, maintenance free operation through capillary action.


  • Multiple Sizes and Load Capacities. When it comes to miniature linear bearings, sizes and load ratings are often limited to a handful of options. In contrast, IKO offers its standard miniature line in track widths from just 1 mm up to 25 mm, with wide carriages available to 42 mm.


  • High Performance Materials and Coatings. Miniature bearings are often supplied “as is” with very few options available when it comes to material choices. When these options are limited, design engineers and machine builders are frequently left with two alternatives—over-specifying or under-specifying the components that comprise the larger system. When it comes to miniature linear guides, it is important to work with a supplier that can offer a variety of materials and finishes to meet the exact requirements of the application at hand.


  • Interchangeable Components Add Flexibility. When it comes to engineered systems comprised of several components, there is nothing worse than having to purchase a completely new setup after just one part fails. With this in mind, look for linear guide systems featuring interchangeable parts that can be mixed, matched and swapped out as needed.


For more information visit IKO.

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