Lubrication of Conveyor Belt Drum and Slewing Ring

Date Posted on: October 1, 2019
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Conveyor drum lubrication in many concrete plants has been changed to automatic lubrication with simalube.

0:55 A slewing ring is continuously lubricated by four 15 ml simalubes. The slewing ring has a diameter of about 2 metres.

The advantages of the simalube lubricators are:

0:07 The lubrication is also assured during system operation (while the conveyor belt drum / turntable is running, fresh lubricant is continuously supplied)

0:29 Due to their location, the lubrication points of the conveyor drums are very difficult to access. Manual lubrication requires the conveyor drum to be stopped and positioned with the lubrication points accessible. This takes a lot of time. Once a simalube is installed, however, such disruptions to the operation of the conveyor belt are no longer required.

Continuous lubrication increases the life of the bearings, which results in less system downtime and saves a lot of money.

Another advantage of the simalube lubricant dispenser is that it forms a dust and water-proof system. The lubrication points can no longer be contaminated by dust and continue to be lubricated constantly. Previously, the build-up of dust and dirt meant that some lubrication points could easily be overlooked.

For more information visit: simatec

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