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Date Posted on: November 5, 2019
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Lubechart, from simalube, to help customers detail and plan when lubricators need to be changed or checked. Making it ideal for any maintenance team already using simalube products.

What is it? 
“Lubechart” is an online programme for the creation and management of lubrication plans for simalube lubricators.  It is a user-friendly online tool developed to provide a constant overview of the lubricators in use and manage them accordingly. It is also free of charge!

How does it work?
“Lubechart” is easy to use and has many important and useful functions, making the management of your lubrication plans easy. The programme offers worldwide access, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and requires no special software.

Accessed via the internet, it is protected by a personal password, so lubrication plans can be set up individually by entering various parameters. Within each lubrication plan, multiple lubrication points can be entered and their properties defined. Whenever it is necessary to replace or inspect a simalube lubricator, the user is automatically notified by e-mail. The intervals at which these notifications are sent can be determined by the user and the e-mail can be sent to several recipients. The replacement of lubricators will no longer be forgotten and the planning and execution of lubrication work is consequently simplified.

“Lubecharts” online programme has been helping customers across industry increase the operational safety of their machinery, by guaranteeing the timely replacement of lubricators and, therefore, continuous lubrication. Within the automatic e-mail notifications, you are constantly reminded of the need to replace lubricators, so it will no longer be forgotten!

Click here to register and access “Lubechart”.

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