Linear Motion Guides: Performance and Value Set Them Apart

Date Posted on: December 24, 2018
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When a machine or system requires linear motion, designers and engineers typically weigh the performance they want in a linear guide against its cost. If this decision is based primarily on cost, ball-type linear motion devices will probably come to mind as an economical choice. By contrast, linear roller guides, may be thought to have a higher price tag, but their superior performance can actually yield greater cost benefits — particularly when they also offer built-in maintenance features — thus making them the wiser choice.

Cylindrical Rollers Enhance Load Capacity and Rigidity
IKO’s C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX Series is a perfect example of the excellent performance and value that linear roller guides can offer. These rolling motion guides are built with cylindrical rollers that make a large contact area with the raceway, giving them several performance benefits that set them apart from other linear motion devices:

  • Greater load handling. The larger contact area between the rollers and the rail produces higher load ratings.
  • Higher rigidity. Cylindrical rollers have less elastic deformation under load, adding to the higher rigidity.
  • Excellent positioning accuracy and friction characteristics. A unique retaining plate configuration, in which the end faces of cylindrical rollers are guided accurately by the retaining plate, prevents the rollers from skewing while ensuring smooth motion and superior friction versus other motion guides. And since frictional resistance and variation are small, high-speed response characteristics to motion commands and high-accuracy positioning can be achieved.
  • Outstanding vibration damping: Higher rigidity yields smaller deformation value during repeated fluctuating loads. The natural frequency is high, and the vibration damping time can be very short.

This combination of high-performance characteristics makes the Super MX Series perfect for machine tools as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Long-Term Maintenance-Free Operation Extends Benefits
Not only do these IKO guides offer outstanding performance, their integrated C-Lube technology helps save money. This self-lubricating system uses a built-in capillary element to provide long-term, maintenance-free operation while minimizing the amount of lubrication required and the associated expenses.

Specialty versions of the Linear Roller Way Super MX Series are available to meet specific requirements, including:

  • Corrosion resistance: The stainless steel version of the linear roller guides is available for use in clean rooms and other environments where rust-prevention is important.
  • An extra-long unit: This version features an extra-long slide unit type that is 1.4- to 1.5-times longer than the standard type. With additional built-in rollers, the unit features enhanced load capacity, running performance and rigidity.
  • An extra-long unit with low fluctuation: The Linear Roller Way Super MX Master Grade suppresses small running deflection for greatly reduced fluctuation compared to standard extra-long units.

High Performance Sets Linear Roller Guides Apart
When designers take a closer look at the advantages linear roller guides can provide, the choice becomes obvious. IKO’s C-Lube Linear Roller Way Super MX Series provides an exceptional combination of high-performance features and long-term maintenance-free operation to deliver the best value and performance available among linear motion systems.

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