BW bearings grease – latest addition LGHB 2

Date Posted on: October 21, 2019
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LGHB 2 is the latest addition to the BW bearings grease family.

Manufactured from high quality virgin mineral oil, LGHB 2 is a calcium-sulphonate complex grease.  With a dropping point of up to 280 and an optimal operating temperature range of -40ºC to +150ºC.  LGHB 2 offers exceptional adhesion to metal surfaces and high mechanical stability.

Exhibiting high load, high viscosity and high temperature characteristics this grease is ideal for steel mills, quarry and mining, cement plant applications, and paper machinery.  Combined with its superb characteristics LGHB 2 contains no additives and the extreme pressure capabilities come from the soap structure.

Produced by one of the worlds leading grease manufacturers LGHB 2 is ISO certified and rigorously tested, ensuring it meets all international requirements.

Lubrication is one of the most critical elements in enabling bearings and machinery parts to fulfil their expected lifespan. Helping to reduce friction and wear, it also acts as a sealant, preventing the ingress of extraneous particles and water.  The stability of the grease is also important, as the more stable it is the less likely it is to leak from the application, therefore reducing dry-out and leakage.

As machinery technologies advance the need for more specific grease, to ensure that the machinery and equipment is working at its optimal level is also increasing. With such huge investments in plant machinery and the need to lower downtime, choosing the correct lubrication is crucial.

With our range of BW bearings lubricants you can be sure that your components are in good hands.

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