Motion Products that Stand Up to Food Processing Environments

Date Posted on: December 10, 2018
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The food processing industry places stringent demands on its equipment, so it’s important to make sure the motion devices you choose are protected from these conditions. Equipment used in food processing plants must address two main threats: corrosion due to high humidity and bacteria build-up that can compromise food safety.

IKO offers many motion devices made of stainless steel to resist corrosion in food environments. For instance, IKO stainless steel guides can be mounted for either vertical or horizontal linear motion and are suitable for use in a wide variety of product handling, cutting and sealing applications. Products are also available with protective features and options that can ensure long life while meeting industry certifications for cleanliness. Here are some features IKO motion products offer for food processing environments:

  • Stainless steel construction. This corrosion-resistant material is essential for any equipment that is in a high humidity environment.
  • Black chrome surface treatment. A black permeable film on the rail and slide unit that resists corrosion, with a protective acrylic resin coat for added protection.
  • Fluorine black chrome surface treatment. Fluorine black chrome surface treatment improves corrosion-resistant characteristics further than acrylic resin coating, and it prevents foreign matter from adhering to the surface.
  • H-1 Food-grade lubricants. H-1 lubricants help protect against wear and corrosion for parts that may come into incidental contact with food. IKO H-1 Food Grade Lubricant is NSF registered and FDA certified which ensures that they are produced and delivered with the hygienic standard.
  • C-Lube technology. This innovative IKO technology features a built-in element that provides long-term, maintenance-free operation. In fact, customers can pair C-Lube technology with H-1 food-grade lubricant for added safety.

Achieve Accurate Motion While Meeting Sanitation Requirements

IKO offers accurate and durable stainless steel motion products along with many options to protect your equipment in highly humid, corrosive environments. And, special lubricants and C-Lube technology can alleviate maintenance concerns. Choosing the right IKO product can help improve your food processing operations while meeting the food industry’s strict sanitary requirements.

For more information about IKO products, visit or IKO technology blog

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