IKO Industrial Robots Demand Versatile Crossed Roller Bearings

Date Posted on: July 1, 2019
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Robotics and automated machinery demand highly versatile bearings. Not only must bearings carry diverse loads with high precision, robotic motion is also becoming more complex. Machine designers must also fit their bearings into shrinking mechanisms like articulating arms that position and rotate objects.

Crossed roller bearings are designed to make line-contact with the raceway surface to give them their excellent rigidity and load handling ability while minimizing deformation and maximizing accuracy. The same construction that allows them to achieve heavy-duty performance also gives them the versatility today’s robotic applications demand. For instance, IKO International’s crossed roller bearings are engineered to handle radial, thrust and moment loads at the same time, which makes them particularly suitable for applications with complex motion.

Among the wide range of IKO’s crossed roller bearings, customers can choose bearings with extra-high rigidity or satisfy restrictive space and weight requirements for robotic mechanisms that perform light-duty wrist and arm motion. Here’s how IKO crossed roller bearings can help satisfy your specific industrial robot requirements:

When your application requires very high rigidity:

  • CRBH Series crossed roller bearings feature solid, non-separable inner and outer ring construction to easily achieve high rigidity and high accuracy without being affected by surrounding structures. Suitable for applications with medium to high rotational speeds, the bearings incorporate separators between the cylindrical rollers to provide smooth rotation.
  • CRBF Series bearings combine high rigidity, accuracy and easy installation. Mounting holes allow them to be bolted quickly onto the assembly. This type also incorporates separators between the cylindrical rollers.

When you need high performance while occupying less space:

  • CRBS Series. These slim crossed roller bearings feature a small outside diameter compared to the inside diameter, plus a narrow width. These are available with a retainer, with separators or as a full-compliment internal construction.
  • CRBT Series super slim crossed roller bearings measure just 5.5 millimeters in sectional height and 5 millimeters in width to meet machine downsizing and lightweight requirements. Separators between the cylindrical rollers provide smooth rotation.

Satisfy Diverse Motion Requirements With Rigidity and Accuracy
Robotic systems are challenging machine designers with varying motion requirements that can include heavy or light-duty load handling as well as the ability to perform complex tasks in less space. IKO International’s lineup of crossed roller bearings exhibits rigidity, smooth motion and accuracy along with a choice of sizes and constructions to fit various rotating and positioning mechanisms. This versatility makes them especially well-suited for designers looking to address the diverse needs of today’s industrial robots.

For more information about IKO International’s crossed roller bearings for industrial robot applications,

visit: www.ikont.com

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