“Expert Tips” video shorts from Champion

Date Posted on: September 19, 2019
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CHAMPION is a renown name across the globe for high performance, dependable and durable spark plugs. Champion is now part of  DRiV Incorporated, the new Aftermarket and Ride Performance company formed after the acquisition of Federal-Mogul by Tenneco in 2018.

As a world leader in spark plug manufacturing, Champion knows what it takes to keep your engine running at its best. When it’s time to replace your plugs, Champion your engine with spark plugs that help improve performance and reduce wear and tear.

Champion has created a number of short “expert tip” videos to show customers how to find the right part on their online catalogue , check the Trouble Tracers for issues, and correctly and safely change parts such as spark plugs, cabin filters, fuel filters and brake pads.


At Rolman World we have a wide range of Champion plugs offering fuel economy and reliability for all car types and models. From standard copper plugs to platinum and iridium plugs – so we can help keep your WORLD IN MOTION – no matter what car you drive.

For more information on our range of Champion parts and to see other Expert Tips click on our Champion brand page


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