Don’t neglect your filters – stop losing money due to poor filtration

Date Posted on: October 15, 2019
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At Rolman World we have a wide selection of Donaldson replacement engine filters for your off-road vehicles. Donaldson has been manufacturing filters since 1915, when Frank Donaldson developed the first simple air cleaner for tractors. Since then, Donaldson has continued to develop new material technology to ensure that customers do not lose performance or money due to filtration issues.

Engine filters have a huge impact on the performance of your vehicle. Dirty, clogged filters stop your engine working at its best, resulting in poor power, slow running and ultimately increased diesel costs.   

This is where heavy duty engine filters can help. Off-road vehicle filters – Oil, Lube, Air and Diesel filters – from Donaldson can replace most branded OE filters, meeting and exceeding your application requirements. Thus delivering the same quality standards and performance, but at lower costs.  Donaldson filters are designed to deliver longer service life and exceptional filtration protection, especially relevant in the dusty and harsh operating environments of the Middle Eastern markets. 

Don’t neglect your filters – use Donaldson filters to deliver maximum protection and productivity!

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