Agricultural drive-belts from ContiTech

Date Posted on: October 28, 2019
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AGRIDUR® drive-belts designed for one of the most demanding applications within the region, due to the climate, terrain and operating conditions. These ContiTech belts, manufactured in Germany, deliver power, endurance and reliability because when downtime is not an option you can rely on ContiTech belts to keep you moving.

ContiTechs AGRIDUR® range of drive-belts ensure extremely reliable power transmission for agricultural machines thanks to their smooth running properties. Even under harsh operating conditions, such as those resulting from dirt, dust and moisture AGRIDUR® belts deliver high efficiency. They outperform other brands even under the most extreme of weather conditions, such as heat and cold, drought and rain, and direct sunlight. Also, AGRIDUR® requires no lubrication – a real advantage when compared with chain drives, helping to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

With four product ranges in total, AGRIDUR® covers almost all of today’s agricultural engineering applications. All AGRIDUR® power transmission belts – whether wrapped V-belts, banded V-belts, variable-speed belts or multiple V-ribbed belts – are electrically conductive to ISO 1813, suitable for use in tropical climates, unaffected by dust and moderately oil-resistant.

continental agridur drive-belts

ContiTech, part of the Continental Group, has been working with Rolman World for many years. Supplying and supporting customers across the region with high quality belts for agriculture, off-road equipment and industrial machinery.

Continental’s components and systems make off-highway applications safer, more efficient, cleaner, and more comfortable. As Continental focuses on industrial products for the future, we are proud to be one of ContiTechs strategic partners developing markets and supporting growth within the MEA region.


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