BW Bearings Launches Food & Fire Resistant Greases

Date Posted on: July 25, 2018
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Rolman World, leading Power Transmission Distributor across the MEA region, adds two more bearing greases to its BW bearings grease range.

For over a decade we have been developing a range of BW bearings products to meet the requirements of our customers applications and markets in the MEA region, and our BW bearings grease is no exception. Manufactured by one of the Worlds leading grease producers, our range of BW bearings grease is high quality, ISO certified and a match for any grease on the market. Developing our range of greases is key to ensuring we can offer our customers the product range they require to maintain their machinery and equipment, reducing unplanned downtime and costly repair. A high proportion of bearing failures can be alloted to the incorrect grease being used,

  •  Food Compatible LGFP2 is a premium white grease based on aluminium complex and food grade base oil. Meeting NSF H-1 approval and Halal registered it is formulated to cover a wide range of food preparation machinery and applications, such as processing, packaging, mixers, conveyors, and motors. With a temperature range from -30 to +150 it has excellent anti wear characteristics and low temperature torque.
  •  Fire Resistant LGFR2 is a flame retardant grease with self exstinguishing properties ensuring any fire outbreak is stopped in seconds and doesn’t spread. Designed to be used in heavy industry such as steel mills, caster and hot units, blast furnaces and mining where fire and heat can cause issues with bearings and machinery, LGFR2 ensures that equipment is saved from costly damage.

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