BECO solutions for high temperature applications

Date Posted on: January 30, 2020
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High operating temperatures make special demands on bearings and components. BECO extreme bearings offer a range of solutions for all type of temperatures and applications; from ovens, brick kilns, furnaces, steel mills, ceramic industry, to freezers and more.

High temperatures have a serious effect on bearings structure, and using bearings that are not up to the job can mean hours of frequent downtime. To reduce this we recommend using BECO bearings which are designed on the dimensions of a standard bearing but with special treatments for greater stabilization, surface treatment, radial clearance and full ball fitting. This makes them suitable for operation from -50° to +450°C. The special treatments and coatings mean there is no issue with the bearing warping or becoming unstable. Beco bearing are readily available and designed to deliver increased reliability for tough operating applications.

The BHT FB 450° BECO PLUS are open bearings and do not require lubrication. The bearing is treated with manganese phosphate and all the rotating parts are ceramic coated. It is important to note that the ceramic coating is for lubrication and not for electrical insulation.

This unique design allows for the complete full ball fitting of the bearing, and this solution also avoids the use of a steel cage that is normally the weak element of the bearing in high temperature applications. Using a high number of balls within the bearing also allows for an increase of load capacity, especially in high temperature but limits the use at low speed.

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