BECO high temperature bearings

Date Posted on: September 23, 2019
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BECO high temperature bearings are built for extreme conditions, the BHT/BHTS bearings range work in temperatures ranging from -50°C up to 450°C.

Manufactured in Italy for over 20 years, BECO bearings are designed on the dimensions of a standard bearing but with treatments of stabilization, surface treatment, special grease and seals, radial clearance and full ball fitting making them suitable for high temperature operation.

High temperature bearings range from -40°C to +220°C and are for applications such as industrial fans, packaging machinery and the ceramics industry. While the Extreme temperature bearing range is from -50°C up to +450°C, treated with manganese phosphate, these bearings are suitable for applications such as ovens, furnaces, and kilns.

BECO bearings are the most reliable and robust bearings to help keep your production moving even in extreme conditions!

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