BECO extreme temperature bearings

Date Posted on: January 27, 2019
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Rolman World has extended its product offerings and is proud to announce we are now Authorised Distributor for BeCo extreme temperature bearings.

BeCo bearings, Italy, have been manufacturing extreme and high temperature bearings for special environments and working conditions for over 20 years. Continually developing new products to cover the increasing demands of production facilities and industry their range includes bearings which can operate from cold artic conditions of -120° up to +450° searing heat for brick kilns and steel furnaces.

BeCos product range includes maintenance free deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel bearings and components, trolley wheels, and pillow blocks, which are specially coated and treated so that they can work in the extreme temperatures required in many industrial processing plants. Working in industries such as food & beverage, steel, paper, pharmaceutical, packaging, and applications such as fans, ovens, furnaces, & kilns.

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