Airman sound proof generators, noise level under 70dB(A)

Date Posted on: March 18, 2020
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Airman sound proof generators are a class all on their own. Manufacturing for over 80 years, Airman is one of the world’s leading producers of generators and air compressors. Produced under the Hokuetsu Industries company, Japan, Airman is committed to innovation and renowned for their environmental approach and track record for “clean air” energy technologies.

Designed to deliver continuous power supply, whether mobile, stationary, standby, or as a main power source. Airman offer solutions to meet any industrial needs. Delivering reliable and durable generators, which offer features and benefits that competitor gen sets cannot match, such as low noise. These diesel engine generators are extremely well sounded proofed – with special cladding material around the doors and main engine area. Whilst testing the super silent range SDG500S at our Headquarters, in Dubai, we recorded a mere 63dB(A), at 7 metres. This is a huge 30-40% reduction in noise output levels compared to competitor machines and so creating a significant improvement in your working environment!

The benefits of Airman generators for your work environment are outstanding. They are fuel efficient, low noise, compact and have many features that most competitor sets do not offer as standard. By synchronising generators we can offer greater power options to meet the changing needs of your industry or application.

Airman sound proof generators

With a wide range of Airman generators and air compressors in stock, we have the perfect solution for your application. Contact us for more information on how we can supply your plant and building requirements, no matter what your industry.

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