Airman generator synchronization – load simulation

Date Posted on: December 30, 2019
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Rolman World was asked to provide 2MVA of power for a shopping mall. Using the Airman generator SDG500S we were able to supply 4 x super silent 500kVA generators synchronized together to fulfil the customers requirements for continuous power, whilst also offering additional cost savings.

Before delivering the generators we were able to create an in-house simulation load test, for the proposed synchronization of the 2MVA outdoor power requirement. Testing enabled us to report and detail the generators programming abilities and power optimisation for any power source requirement.  

Benefits delivered

  • Fuel efficiencycost savings through reduced diesel consumption. Units consume 69 litres of diesel per hour, which is up to 20% less than any competitors consumption rate. Plus, with 4 x generators working in parallel any variation in power means that the system automatically manages it and can run any number of units as necessary. Conserving even more fuel and delivering higher saving efficiencies.

  • Noise reduction. The super silent series produces only 62dB(A) at 7 metres, which is for all 4 generators at 100% load. This is a massive 30-40% less noise than competitors can offer.

  • Space saving. Compact and with a small foot print these high power Airman 500kVA generators delivered on the space saving requirements for outdoor application.

  • Reduced environmental impact. With fuel efficiency and lower noise, coupled with a Japanese design, parts and assembly means high quality and ISO standards, plus Japanese regulations Stage 2, are met. Therefore all environmental demands were easily matched.

  • Maintenance friendly. With 4 x generator units routine maintenance can be carried out on any unit without interruption to power. With additional features to the canopy it provides easy access and maintenance is trouble free. 

Airman generators
Airman, Japan, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of generators and air compressors. Designed to run continuously, their units supply businesses from across the globe. Powering plants, hopsitals, schools, offices and production, they keep business moving. Made and assembled soley in Japan they offer long life and thus, immense savings and benefits to customers. 

Airman generators range from 10.5kVA to 700kVA @ 50Hz and are available as soundproof mobile units. They can be used as a main or as back-up power sources. Airman generators also offer features that no other Japanese producer offers, such as;  (1) “switchable” features available as default, means that customers can switch from 50Hz to 60Hz at the flick of a switch. (2) Voltage class 200/400/480V can also be selected.

With synchronization we are able to offer up to 20MVA of power.

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