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Lubrication is one of the most commonly overlooked causes of premature bearing failure, so ensuring you have the correct lubricant is key to keeping your bearings and machinery running smoothly!
Working with one of the world’s leading grease manufacturers Rolman World has developed a range of BW bearing greases to suit your pocket and application requirements, which offer
  • High Performance
  • Smooth Running
  • Quality at best price

Our BW bearings range of greases are premium quality mineral oil based greases designed for general to specific lubrication of all bearing types. BW bearings grease aims to help maintain and ensure your machinery and applications continue to run even under the very harshest of conditions across the MEA region.
Tribology is the specialist science of friction and a critical element in the life of bearings, and any spare part or motion required in machinery. All motion generates friction and this generates heat, stress and wear and tear on the bearing. By selecting the correct lubricant for your application you can counteract the effects of friction, helping your machinery operate smoothly, maximise bearing life, save money, improve efficiency, and reduce unplanned downtime.
BW bearings grease:

BW bearings grease is available in: 200g pouch, 400g cartridge, and 500g, 1Kg, 5Kg, and 18Kg tins.
Alongside BW bearings grease we carry a very large selection of lubrication solutions from Simatec, Timken, SKF – so no matter what your requirements we have a grease to keep your World in Motion.












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