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Nearly every part of a vehicle, whether passenger, commercial, or off-highway requires friction and anti-friction components to keep it moving. From the engine and wheels, to the transmission and steering, we find bearings and anti-friction parts everywhere. These parts have to bear the punishing road environment and cope with extreme temperature ranges, yet be able to function perfectly for years. Using OE QUALITY bearings and components means RELIABILITY and years of trouble free driving, offering PERFORMANCE and SAFETY by reducing the risk of premature failure.

At Rolman World we understand how critical these components are to the performance and safety of your vehicle. Which is why we offer our customers a complete range of genuine OE replacement parts, from the world's leading OE manufacturers. Partnered with some of the world's leading brands – whose products are built on years of professional engineering experience, research and testing, reliability and reputation – means we can offer you the very best in market; from automotive bearings, hub units, belts, suspension to filters, spark plugs and braking solutions.

Nothing beats OE quality! Whatever your requirement we have the parts to keep your World in Motion.

Automotive Aftermarket Components

Timing belts

Timing & V- Belts
Tensioner & Idler bearings
Clutch bearings
Corner Module

Hub bearings - Hub I, II, III
Automotive kits
Brake Pads
Brake Discs
Brake Shoe Assemblies
Shock Absorbers
Suspension parts

Spark and Glow plugs
Ignition Coils
Air, oil, fuel and cabin filters
Grease, lubrication and fluid
Reliability keeps the World in Motion












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