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Rolman World - brings you the most innovative chain designs from Tsubaki that can enable cost savings for process and packaging industries

Thursday 19th, March 2015

At Rolman World we pride ourselves in offering the most innovative and reliable components available to our MENA customers.

As a Distributor for Tsubaki chain we are now offering a number of Tsubaki's most innovative chain designs that provide reliable solutions for processing and packaging applications in industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, retail and warehousing. Technological innovation to improve efficiency, reliability and hygiene is the major driving force in these industries.

• ‘Lambda’ lube-free, oil impregnated, sintered roller chains give long life and low maintenance

• Plastic Combination (PC) chain brings the benefits of engineering plastics and stainless steel

• New Environmental Plating (N.E.P.) chain thrives in demanding applications

• An advanced spring design in Tsubaki gripper chain improves performance

• Match and Tag service ensures parallel chain pairs are the same length

• Tsubaki can retrofit high tech chain into almost any application

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